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Young Indian researchers at the 63rd Nobel Laureates meeting in Lindau

Indian group with the DFG President

Indian group with the DFG President, Prof. Dr. Peter Strohschneider (3rd from left, 1st row) and Dr. Arabinda Mitra, Advisor & Head, International Cooperation, Department of Science and Technology (4th from the left, 1st row) and Mr. K. Venkatarama Sharma, Counsellor (Science and Technology), Indian Embassy, Berlin (5th from left, 1st row) in Lindau  


(22.07.13) The 63rd Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates from 30th June to 5th July, 2013 was dedicated to chemistry, with “Green Chemistry” being one of the focal points on the agenda of this year’s meeting.

For the 2013 Meeting 34 Nobel Laureates from the field of Chemistry congregated in Lindau to meet the next generation of leading scientists and researchers. 625 young undergraduate, postgraduates, doctoral and post-doctoral students and researchers from 78 countries got the unique opportunity to participate in his meeting.

German Research Foundation (DFG) President, Professor Dr. Peter Strohschneider together with representatives of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Indian Embassy, received a group of 22 young Indian researches in Lindau for a week of intellectually stimulating lectures and discussions. As in past years, DFG and the DST jointly funded the participation of the Indian group at the meeting and a subsequent tour of German research institutions.

Venuka Durani Goyal, a post-doctoral fellow from Indian Institute of Mumbai, stated that the Lindau meeting was a great place to meet not only the celebrated Nobel Laureates, but also aspiring scientists from various parts of the globe. According to her this is “a platform for intermingling of likeminded individuals from related fields of expertise and is the best place for new ideas to germinate: And it is these new ideas that propel the engine of the scientific community.”

The meeting concluded with a boat trip to the island of Mainau, sponsored by the State of Baden-Württemberg, to promote the state as a “Centre of Science and Good Living”.

From 6th to 13th July, 2013 DFG invited the 22 Indian researchers and an Indian journalist, on a tour to universities and research institutions in the field of Chemistry in Regensburg, Berlin, Bonn and Heidelberg. The team assimilated the wider perspective for future studies and possibilities of participating in collaborative research in Germany. The tour, not only showcased the scientific landscape of German universities and research institutions, but also the rich cultural heritage Germany has to offer. The Indian Embassy in Berlin hosted a dinner reception for the young Indian participants and an information session was organized at the DFG Headquarters in Bonn along with a group of Chinese participants.