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Which research areas does the DFG fund? How is the DFG budget distributed among the different funding programmes? Are women funded equally to men?

You can find answers to these and other questions under the “Statistics” heading, by consulting regular publications and additional statistical diagrams and analyses.

Statistical Reports

Under the "Statistical Reports" heading you will find comprehensive statistical information on current and previous funding in the DFG’s individual funding programmes.

Origin and Use of Financial Resources

This section provides detailed information on the origin of the funds and how they were used, distributed into the individual funding instruments operated by the DFG.

Success Rates

This page gives information on the development of the funding rates and funding success rates of DFG projects in the Individual Grants Programme, broken down into the four scientific disciplines.

Programme-related Statistics

Under this heading you will find individual funding statistics and detailed statistical reports on coordinated DFG funding programmes and selected DFG programmes in the Individual Grants Programme.

Monitoring Equal Opportunity

This section deals with the proportion of female applicants relative to the total number of proposals submitted to the DFG and the degree of representation of women on the DFG’s decision-making bodies.

Average Processing Times for Proposals

Here you will find information on developments in the average processing periods for DFG proposals


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