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Reports, studies and documentation

The DFG uses evaluations to assess its funding programmes and policies and to identify dynamics in the research landscape. It can then improve its processes and programmes and align them with these dynamics. Infobriefs and quantitative and evaluative studies ensure the transparency of funding activities. Evaluation standards are used to formulate the quality requirements for evaluative studies and the evaluation process.

DFG Infobriefs

This online service presents abridged versions of the statistical results on topics relevant to the DFG's funding programmes.

Evaluation Studies

Evaluation and quantitative studies assess the impact of funding programmes and serve to increase transparency in funding activities.

Evaluation Standards

The evaluation standards frame the DFG’s quality requirements for evaluative studies and evaluation processes. These standards are used to measure every evaluation project the DFG commissions or that is carried out in the DFG’s name.

Evaluation Networks

The DFG is committed to the continuing development and professionalisation of research evaluation.

Annual surveys in coordinated programmes

The DFG carries out regular surveys of funded graduate schools, clusters of excellence, Collaborative Research Centres and Research Training Groups to collect information about the individuals who participate in them and professorships that have been set up.

Additional Information

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